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August 17, 2012
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The first time i make an english fanfic of The simpsons)

tee hee.. hope you like it n_n

It was 8:30 am on the nuclear power plant... Mr burns was on his office as always... and the employers.. well they aren't here XD

Smithers: hmm? *checkig the work place* hmm.. (he moves out)

Always at this hour is empty but this time was completelly strange this situation

Smithers: *taking a coffee* mary... Don't you think there something suspicious on this day?
Mary: (My OC) no, sweetie... and you?
Smithers: ahh... no.. n_n  (he drink his coffee)

* go there to see who is ---

Everything was completelly quiet until a savage comes in.. yelling and running

Man: AHH! i'm late, I'M LATE!!! (he continues running)
Mary: (moving the patients scores) WOAH!! HEY!!! LOOK OUT!!!
Man: i'm late i'm late i'm laaate!!!
Smithers: huh?
Mary: SMITHERS!!! LOOK OUT!!! (I push him but we  fell over the floor)
Man: ahahah!! you naughty psychologist...
Smithers: (i was dizzy for that) ah Homer simpson?! WHAT on eatrh are you doing?! you're late!
Homer: AAAHHHH!! I'M LATE I'm late!! *keeps running*
Smithers: mary mary? are you alright?
Mary: (lokking smithers eyes) hi dear angel.. can you take me to heaven?... oohh (faint)

Homer simpson continues running and running.. marks its job record (those who are close to a machine) and run away to the exit

Mr.Burns: AHH!! what the hell was that?
April Springs: i don't know dear..
Mr.burns: lets rewind the video recording.. ah... dear.. can you help me on this?

April took the remote control and rewind the video... again they could't see nothing... but april rewinded again and set a slow forward... 1 frame por second...

April: GOTCHA!!! i know him...
Mr.Burns? really? well.. i never have seen this guy... by the way, who is him?
April: i think is homer simpson
Smithers: MR. BURNS!! (he comes to the office, exhausted from running)
Mr.Burns: what happend now smithers? you're late and April helped me to detect that moron of the Nuclear power plant
Smithers: she did it?
April: yeah.. it was homer simpson
Mr.burns: ok... but .. where are all of my employers? its 9:30 AM and no one is here!! only that psychologist ... stacy... leena or whatever is her name
Smithers: Mary...sir
Mr.burns: Mary... yes... anyway.. this won't end like this (with evil face)
Meanwhile in Homer's House....

Lisa: Mom can i practice with my saxophon??
Marge: of course... but only until your father come here ok?
Lisa: thanks you (he moves away and start playing her music) huh? (he  look through the window and see 2 persons walking neat to her house) hmm...
Mary: biut i tell you that that isn't... (i hear a melody of an saxofon) Lisa?
Lisa: hi friend.. wit there *she moves downstairs and get out of her house* how are you?
Mary: fine.. but im on a mision
Lisa: ahh ok.. but tell me please
Mary: if i promise you to purchase an book.. can you help me?
Smithers: i think this isn't a good idea
Mary: maybe she can help us
Lisa: do you have faren... ( i gave her that book) ohh bradbury n_n at least i can read it
Smithers: ok ok but help us.. do you know where is your dad?, Homer simpson?
Lisa: hmm.. no i don't know but i guess he went to a party of one of his friends
Smithers: how did you know that?
Lisa: because if he where on the nuclear plant... or both weren't here on work times,, or yes?
Mary: touché.. well done lisa n_n .. lets go swettie
Smithers: ok n_n (keep walking)
Radio: mary... friend.. are you there?
Mary: Mary to HQ.. what happend april?, over
April: did you finded homer simpson?
Smithers: no but we got an clue
April: ok (she tell it to Mr.burns)
Burns: tell them that they must hurry up because a clue doesn't mean nothing!
April: ok... go and fin them ... over
Mary: ok.. over and out .. ok smmithers.. we must get more clues.. but where can we find more?

I was thinking so hard.. but for doing that, accidentally I stumbled over someone

Mary: oh o... no again! DX im so sorry. dear...
Smithers: do you know each other?
Mary: what? i don't get it... hey... *i move out* you look like smithers ... but more younger...
Smithers: ah.. you don't hmm.. let me introduce them.. Mary... he is my son.. Ryan smithers
Ryan: hi n_n
Mary: ah.. nice to meet you ryan n_n
Ryan: amm.. dad she is the female you telled me yesterday.. right? *he agree* ok n_n but what are you doing here .. near to Moe's?
Smithers: we are trying to locate homer with clues..
Mary: do you want to join us?
Ryan: hmm... (checking his agenda) sure n_n but.. he would reconizr both.. let me do this n_n
Smithers: take care, please
Ryan: im not a child dad n_n... wait here n_n

He get into the bar and ordered a beer (he didn't drinked it.. only ordered it to don't make any suspictious sign)

But life is weird sometimes.. XD

Snake: DON't move everybody! i'l take this this and.. *he looked ryan*.. nothing of you, man (he didn't steal anything from Ryan) aha!!! you!!
Lenny: me?
Snake: give all your things here! QUICK! (shows an empty bag)
Carl: ohh but we need this for the tonight's party...
Snake: oh yeah? i don't care! *aiming his gun, but someone hits him with a wisky bottle*
Lenny and carl: O.O
Moe: i can't believe it (watching a expensive and destroyed bottle of wisky spoiled on the floor
Barney: oh no!! wisky!! i'll save you!!! *he start dtrinking the spoiled wisky of the floor)
Carl: someone have saved us!
Moe: wait what... ah yeah.. you saved us.. thanks
Lenny: you could protect us again.. right?
Ryan: well...
Carl: and we can invite you to the tonight's party.. what you say?
Ryan: oh really?
Lenny: sure.. here are some invitations cards.. bring some people to have more fun
Ryan: sure.. thanks (he move out, and also step on snake body without knowing)
Smithers: oh son.. you are fine *hugging him*Ryan: i can't breathe... please.. i need air.. DX
Mary: XDDD
Ryan: ¬¬
Smithers: and well.. what happend? did you finded any clue?
Ryan: not much but they give me some invitation cards.. i don't think this would help u...
Mary: of course it is... tht .. with the another clue... makes one answer!! look.. lisa told us that homer maybe would go for a party..
Radio: (with april springs because she must know all to help us) yeah that and in the morning no one have come to work.. that and...
Mr.burns: that... that moron was acting like an insane and fat monkey well done now please come to my office
Smithers: come on ryan and mary.. we must move back to the Hq n_n

Into the H.Q... (Mr burns office) ...

April: ok.. do you finded him?
Mary: we are close.. and those clues points his future place
April: where?
Ryan: (rings the invitation cards)
Mr.burns: party cards? what a ...
Smithers: hold on.. sir.. read the description
Mr.burns: ok ok i'll read them...
Card: Invitation for the everlasting glory of the parties!!!
Mr.burns: oh it looks alike a trick card..
April: i'll open it for you monty (he pick a paperknife to open it and a bot start's talking)

Bot: welcome to my party.. and you're invited.. but please don't tell it to that old mummy of mr burns or his foolish slaves XD
Bart: hi homer.. what are you doing?
Homer: im recording this to send card for all my buddies
Bart: but you don't have any buddies
Homer: WHY YOU LITTLE......*he starts strangling bart*
Flanders: hi diddly ho neighborino.. ah homer... i don't want to bother you but please... could you stop throwing unprized lids of bottle to my lawn?... i have pruned it already
Homer: never ! (he throws another lid)
Flanders: (the lid destroys something) and also i have installed new windows to my house DX.. well... i supose i'll start cleaning now... (he leaves and homer stop recording)
(the boot makes silence and drops confetti)

Mr.burns: AHHH! those confetti are heavy!!! DX
Smithers: (he helps him)
April: ah so homer was planning that party huh? and called him a old mummy , huh?
Smithers: and called us his foolish slaves
April: that doesn't matter.. no one calls Mr burns a old mummy!
Mr.burns: thanks you dear.. but for that offensive.. we will need to make our revenge...

hours later...

Carl: come on lenny! or we would arrive late to this party!!!
Lenny: but what about our friends? i mean our hero friend and his friends?
Ryan: sorry for the delay... traffic.. you know...
Lenny: i told you carl n_n
Carl: ok ok... (he pay $20 to lenny) and your friends?
Ryan: they are on that car *pointing them*
Lenny: *watching a red car* wow... on that? on a red jaguar? woooahh!!
Carl: everybody use your seatbelts... please (they do that) party.. he will come n_n

Carl drive to The place of the party.. or best knowed... Homer simpson backyard... n_n

People: *cheering up*
Lisa: mom... can they make silence? i got an exam tomorrow
Marge: hmm.... use this *she gaves her orange earmuffs*
Lisa: thanks you mom *she walks to her room*
Bart: Kawabonga (he jumps on his skateboard to join the party but marge holds him)
Marge: bart.. tomorrow you have school

Ryan: *sending an SMS*
April: *he listen the sound of her iphone* (reading) 1 step done..
Burns: Excellent..... move fast smithers!
Smithers: i'll gonna need all possible help
Mary: i'll help
April: and me too n_n
Mary: your plan is too clever.. really
April: hhaa... thanks you... welll that's what we gonna do... (pointing some places of the blueprints)

On the party...

Wiggum: haha, its an amazing party huh?
Lou: sir but if wa are here.. who is protecting the city?
Wiggum: if you want to loose the party , then you can go and be like "lone Ranger"
Lou: ah... but he had an friend always with him called "Tonto" (i know in spanish means "fool" but that's his name in english, as wikipedia says...)
Lenny: ohh!!! snacks!!!
Carl: hey, don't eat all of them!
Ryan: wait no!
Both: what? you want it?!
Ryan: hmm... no .. i mean... why you eat instead to drink some Duff beer
Ryan: oh no no no ... i mean.. why don't you eat some dessert? like... the cake!?
Carl and lemmy: hmm...
Lenny: i don't know.. i want snacks
Ryan: (watching april dropping something to the snacks) nooouu
Carl: and i want some duff
Ryan: OMFG! (watching me bringin a water heater to turn up the temperature of that beer) ahh.. no.. hat tastes disgusting.. lets try the cake
Bart: (he escaped of his bed)
Carl: yum yum.. *he raised up a knife*
Cake: AAAAAAAHH!!! (Like that cake of the video "ASDF 1")
Both: AAAAAAHHH!! an yelling cake!!
Chief wiggum: (start shooting the cake)hold there hold there.. if he talks he will yell again
Cake: ... *in completely silence*
Chief wiggum: gentleman... we loose a good cake... anywat (he slice the cake and eats it hmm... delighfull
People: *continue celebrating*
Carl: ryan... and our new friends?
Ryan: hey therae are (he exposed us)
Mary: ah hi everybody n_n (hiding all suspictious stuff)
April: ah.. what a night! a living party n_n full of joy n_n
Lenny: Lets rock this party! YEAH!! *they rise up the volume.. disturbing flanders's family)
Tod: dad.. i can't sleep
Ned: me neither DX

After 1 hour of full and wild party...

Ryan: fellas.. plannification now... (they come with ryan) and now what?
Mr.burns: (diguished) i don't know.. what can we do? the traps didn't work
Apu: AAHH!!! the snacks are too spicyyy!!! DX
Ryan: ok.. one work but the others failed DX
April: but the trap up there no XD
Smithers: ok.. what what WHAT?! (above the stage there was a piano... waiting to be dropped)
Mr.burns: excellent
Mary: a piano?! why a piano?! why not another thing?
Mr.burns: because that are the clasic ones... or not april?
April: of course n_n
Mary: well.. at least there are no fools on the stage
Lenny: LOOK! a clean stage!!! homer.. you must go!!!
People: homer!, HOMER HOMER HOMER!!
Homer: *blushed* come on... why me?
Carl: go and say something for us!!!
Homer: ok! (he walked there)

He was about to step on that place but smithers run and push him out of the stage... BADABOOM! the piano falls but he didn't get injured...

Mary: i... i can't look... my beloved wayylon ended doomed by a piano TwT
Ryan: (hearing my most saved secret) no no.. he is all right.. the piano was 2 inches away of him
Smithers: ???? oh.. sorry for that homer
Homer: thanks you Mr smithers
Mr.Burns: ENOUGH!!!
People: *shocked*
Mr.burns: stop this party inmediatelly you morons!!!
People: *they mock him*
April: HEY STOP NOW!!!
Wiggum: good imitation of that mummy one XD
Mr.burns: mummy one? *in bad moood* ARGH! lets get out of here

Unbeliable... Mr burns have quited his chances of destroying the party but...

Homer: hey ryan's buddy.. you can join us
Mr.burns: really?
People: *they wanted us to join his party*

We celebrated but unfortunately with all the moves the Mr. burns diguish fall over appart

People: AHHH!! is MR.burns!!!
Mr.burns: i can explain that...
Carl: no again... another party crushed DX (all left)
Mr.burns: u.u
Smithers: we can make our own party don't you think? (we agree) what you say Mr.burns? burns...??? BURNS!!!????
Mr.burns: (he looked that piano.. the instant when smithers saved homer.. remembered something sad... something about smithers father and his awfull death*
Ryan: are you crying?
Mr.burns: what?  no.. no ... only a moth touched my eye (lying) come on.. buddies.. lets go back to work

And the party ended like this...

enjoy it n_n
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