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September 18, 2012
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sorry fellas for the delay but i hate a lot the exam's days TwT

lets continue then....

Mary: grrr.. COME ON! (pluggin the cables to turn on the computer) yeah.. lets start... general strasse GENERAL STRASSE, DO YOU COPY? , over!
HQ: *scree* g...*scree* strasse here! report your status!
Mary: general, can you explain me what happend to milwawkee?
General: a insane guy killed him, im so sorry i though that he would be alive on this
Mary: he got a family (with anger)
General: don't yell at your general and get foccused on the mision, soldier! we need that information to stop them before is too late! SO SHUT UP AND DO IT! (he cut off the comunicacion)

Yeah i was in bad mood but sad because of that... anyway... i must go ahead i guess...

The day's continue and i'll finded little information about that supossed guys that i must spy... but after my mission.. i spended few hours with waylon, ryan, april and lisa... i have to say it.. they are completely awesome guys... indeed yes

on this hours we moved to the cinema, to walk on the street or to talk about something... well it's weird maybe byt i started enjoying the civilian's life.. so peacefull and amazing...

One day...

Doorbell: *riiiinng*
Mary: wait please (awaken) hi lisa.. what are you doing here?
Lisa: its saturday, we don't have school
Maru: oh well.. excuse me if there are a lot of coffee cans over the table, i didn't have a good night
Lisa: ohh you mean that stuff about milwawkee? im so  sorry
Mary: huh? *a little bit sleepy* don't say that.. they are good now... (sad)
Lisa: hmm. lets go outside or to my home, you can feel better (pulling me) come on go go
Mary: ok ok, give me a second and i'll be there
Lisa: ok (she leaves)

we leaved and moved to outside walking and talking about our own life, yeah is indeed to see a 8-years-old little girl to talk like a mature people... very interesting...

but lets remember something no one is safe, well... completely not safe in springfield maybe XD

Guy: don't move! (with his gun)
Lisa: *frighten*
Guy: go on and give all thing you got!
Lisa: we are being robbed!!!
Mary: not at all... *i was about to use my 1991 colt*
Guy 2: too clever for a female i guess (stopping me)
Mary: damn it, LET ME GO YOU FREAK!
Lisa: *gasp* sideshow bob!
Bob: hey snake, i think that they know too much
Snake: well.. let me to finish the job (loading his gun)
Guy: *another one holding a shotgun* i don't think that this is the right way to treat the ladies!
Both: WHAT THE H...!!!
Guy: RELEASE THEM, NOW! (they obey)
Snake: they got us, buddy
Bob: not at all (holding his knife)
Mary: (i kick his weapon and hold my gun) lisa, call the police, this guys must be behind the bars
Lisa: ok (she calls)
Bob: *watching my gun* huh? where did you obtained that gun?
Snake: is a old one, so what?
Bob: don't you know? she is a soldier, of the old ones, that is a  2nd world war's weapon
Mary: SHUT UP! (i kick him)
Snake: ouch...
Guy: you... *shocked* you are a soldier? is that right?
Mary: *i reconized that face.. it was waylon* ...
Waylon: *shocked* mary...
Mary: *sad because they discovered me, i leave this place*
Chieff wiggum: well done buddy, you have stopped them... get into the car! (they pull snake and bob into the car and leaves)
Lisa: wow mr.smithers, you saved us
Waylon: *flumoxxed*
Lisa: but where is she?
Waylon: *talking for himself* is she really a soldier?

.. on my room...

Mary: oh no... what happend? i spoiled that mission... no no no, i must leave (packing all my stuff)
Doorbell: *riiinng*
Mary: oh god... who's there?
Waylon: its me... please can you open the door?
Mary: no... you must leave, please
Waylon: sorry for being shocked on that situation, i never meet a female soldier before
Mary: i spoiled the mission, i must go away before they know it too
Waylon: really? *sad for that* are you sure?
Mary: *without an answer to say* ...
Waylon: *sigh* i...if you change your mind... please... tell me it soon...
Mary: ...

oh god! i was crying... i didn't want to leave, i didn't want to create all this mess! what can i do? is it there any sign?

i continue packing but i found smithers's presentation card.. with his phone number... enough sign...

Mary: what am i doing? i must start living by my own (i stop packing) waylon? WAYLOOON! (y run out of my room and hug him)
Waylon: woah.. (he holds me) are you all right? n_n
Mary: i changed my mind, i'll stay here!
Waylon: but.. your mission! what will...???
Mary: i don't care, i'll quit then.. n_n
Waylon: (very happy) really? AWESOME!
Mary: but tell me.. why you didn't wanted me to leave?
Waylon: *blushed* am.. aaa.... go to drees... i'll tell you while we go with my boss and april to the restaurant n_n
Mary: ok ok n_n i'll be back there soon n_n (go back to my room) hmm.. the reports are ready (scanning) and now... where do i leaved my dress? (i never use dress but well i suposse there is a first time for all XD)

i started searching my clothes but i find a wristwatch

wristwatch: (it was a comunicator with LCD screen) m...*scree* mary'
Mary: who's there? identify yourself!
wristwatch: mary is that you?
BJ: i don't have much time longer... it was a trap.. i repeat ALL WAS A ...

The comunication ends and someone broke the windows.. i aimed my gun and started looking on...

Homer: sorry.. do you have donnuts?
Mary: take then.. (i give him the box) you are the man of that store isn't it? (because he wanted the last box and followed me to find them)
Homer: hmm.. dooonuuuts!! *started drooling*
Mary: eeewww... how disgusting!  i'll have to clean the floor again (i move to find a mop) huh ? HOMER LOOK O...


Waylon: (waiting there)
Lisa: hiya mr smithers, that are you doing here?
Waylon: waiting her... we will go to the restaurant with april and mr.burns
Lisa: ooohh (guessing) you like her, no?
Waylon: wait.. what?
Lisa: you love her! i know it!!!
Waylon: huushhh.. i wouldn't say that in loud voice
Lisa. so tell me, since then?
Waylon: well.. the time we expended toghether.. she is different.. i don't know why but i cannot be away of her.. this night i'll ask her
Lisa: oow how cute n_n
Waylon: hope this situation is mutual or i'll be doomed, because i don't want to be alone again, not again *sad*
Lisa: let's go to see if she is allright

They walk to go to my room , the door was open

Waylon: oh no... mary.. *he turn on the lights and find a entire mess*
Lisa: DAD!!
Homer: *scared under the rug*
Waylon: homer simpson, what happend? and she?
homer: *yells* don't laugh at me!!! *he run*
Lisa: dad?
Homer: *sad, he was in underwear* sorry lisa.. someone has taken your friend
Waylon: WHAT?! WHERE?! where is she? is she allright?
Homer: *remembering*
Homer: hmm.. dooonuuuts!! *started drooling*
Mary: eeewww... how disgusting!  i'll have to clean the floor again (i move to find a mop) huh ? HOMER LOOK OUT! (starts shooting)
Homer:  IAAHH! *he hides on the rug*
Mary: (calling to hq) THIS IS AGENT 92, IM ON A AMBUSH! DO YOU COPY? OVER!
Comunicator: *scree*
Guy: GOTCHA! (i shoot him)
Comunicator: the signal is so poor.. please call back
Mary: what?
Guy 4: GOT YOU! (they shoot her with a tazer)
Guy 2: damn it! he shooted Blas!
Blas. im fine X_X
Guy 3: and what will we do with the fat one?
Guy 4: hehehe XD he is like a pig on this rug XDDD
Homer: TwT
Guy 2: (kicks homer) lets get out of here  (they leave)
Homer: *tells everything... in a mistaken way.. they discovered it with the entire mess*
Waylon: NOOO! they can't take her!!!
Lisa: we must save her, but how?
Homer: hey, what's that? (pointing a folder)
Lisa: (take it.. it was my reports about the suspictous guys and the stuff that loki gived to me at the first time)
Waylon: *reading* for hard times only... lets open it (they open it, it was a IPAD)
Ipad: hiya friend... i don't know if really there is an ambush but if that were real... your life and of Bj is on really danger..
Both: what?
Ipad: acording to my investigations, the general is implicated too, no a operation to eliminate the most trained spies and agents, so the country would be expossed to a close attack..., pay atention and don't get shooted by them... if something is wrong, please contact me
Options of the ipad: ( ) Call ( ) Call later
Lisa:*pressed the call option*
Loki: hmm.. oh god, who's there?
Lisa: that doen't matter, she is on really danger
Waylon: agent 92, mary
Loki: WHAT?! my research was right then? where is she? is she safe?
Waylon: no, they got her, we must rescue her with that guy who supossedly died!!!
Loki: oh no oh no!!! this is completely awfull.. but i can't move from my position, no without exposing you to be shooted... you must come here ok? my base is over here (the ipad contacts the printer and prints a map) there is a hangar for jet's, you have to come with there...
Waylon: thanks you fella...
Loki: you're welcome but tell me, what is your name?
Waylon: Waylon smithers.., see ya soon (he cut the comunication)
Waylon: i'll contact the guys, i need you to stay here
Lisa: ok... i'll contact you if they attack springfield ok?
Waylon: ok! (he pick his car and drives to mr.burns mansion)*calls april*
April: hello, smithers?
Waylon: ms. april... can we change the plans of the afternoon?
April: yeah but why? i waited this for two months
Waylon: sorry for that Miss but there is an emergency.. of the high risk ones...
April: roger that... i'll advice it to charles
Waylon: on the mansion i'll explain all to you both
April: ok.. see ya then (she cut the comunication)
Waylon: well.. my son is safe of all this...
Ryan: not true
Waylon: *stop the car* RYAN , what are you doing here?
Ryan: you locked the car the entire day... i couldn't get away
Waylon: sorry... but you have to go home
Ryan: *looking the maps and the transmision* AHA! is about her, no dad?
Waylon: remember that you must be safe!
Ryan. dad, im not a children anymore, im tall enough to this adventure, let me join it pleeease
Waylon: ok! but you will stay here ok?
Ryan: *in bad mood for that*
Waylon: here we go... *stop the car on Mr.burns mansion*

Once they were in...

Ryan: i'll find a jet dad
Waylon: good idea
April: what's going on?(walking downstairs) at least.. why did you called us?
Smithers: (running to the hangar) is something that i kept in secret
Charles: (ryan informed all to mr.burns) come on dear.. we are on a rescue mission
Ryan: roger that (flumoxed)
Smithers: i'll be a little bit danegerous i guess.. you better stay here..
They: NEVER! is a rescue mission so we won't leave ok?(they took a jet and start flying)
April: (he noticed all) but how did this happend?
Smithers: *sighs carrying a photo* let me tell you a story.. maybe you could understand it all
After telling all XP
April: omg! charles... follow the map
Ryan: here (he gives the map)
Charles: here? well.. hope there is something interesting here or she will face my wrath (he drive the jet to Loki's hangar)

(to be continue) XD
Hope you like it
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omg i wana know the rest !!!!!!!!!!!!

go one !!!!!!!!!!!

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... im s funny guy in the storry !!!! i always imagine me with such a long blue dress ... i dont know why ... ore was it yellow ???
vmarita1992 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
n_n glad you like it... i'll upload the next chapters as soon as i can n_n
April-Springs Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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