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August 27, 2012
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April: at least.. why did you called us?
Smithers: is something that i kept in secret
Charles: come on dear.. we are on a rescue mission
Ryan: roger that (flumoxed)
Smithers: i'll be a little bit danegerous i guess.. you better stay here..
They: NEVER! is a rescue mission so we won't leave ok?

(they took a jet and start flying)

--- Treehouse of terror presents...---

April: but how did this happend?
Smithers: *sighs carrying a photo* let me tell you a story.. maybe you could understand it all

--- Origins : a new soldier in springfield ---

Smithers: well.. once upon a time...

(Army's HQ : 2:00 hours)

Partner: hey... hey you soldier!! wake up!!
Mary: iiaaahh.. i hate cold water!, blazkowicz
Bj: ok.. lets move quick

I take my bakpack.. mi 1911 colt and my blue stone amulet.. i'll need it maybe...

Bj: the general called.. there are new movements about enemy's forces...
Mary: oh no.. again? didn't they got enough the last time?
Bj: they never sleep.. so we won't it too...  well.. the general told us that the two possible places are...
General: milwawkee and here
Mary: here? it looks like oregon
General: but it isn't.. the place is springfield and you will travel there ok? we need all the information you can get.. remember our motto
Mary: failure isn't a option... yeah.. roger that... well fella... we must move..
General: you won't take a jet
Mary: what?
eneral: your vehicle will be here.. this commercial plane
Mary: whuy me? TwT this is fullfilled with civilians
General: and so what? it will cover you, don't you? ..bye
Mary: bye general strasse
General: IS STRAUSS, not strasse
Mary: ok general strasse
General: get out of my sight ok?

i had to go... my place was the chair Nro 21-C.., because there was a couple on the plane.. of the old ones

Mr: so.. can you remind me where are we going dear?
Ms: we'll move back to springfield honey n_n...
Mary: -_- (reminding her last love.. a terrible failure.. she proposed herself not to love anyone else in her life)
Ms: ohh.. hi... are you ok?
Mary: hmm?? yeah.. i.. it was only dust in my eye
Mr: i see...  well.. do you mind?
Mary: of course not.. go ahead.. i'll go for some snack... god! what a temper DX

i start walking around but someone stumbles and holds me... i would yell if i didn't reconize that face

Mary: loki?
Loki: SHH!! (he gives me something) take it and open it when there are hard times and something goes wrong ok?... good bye (he moves away)

I came back to my place and taked a nap.. i didn't sleep well and i was tired too...

--- After 5 hours of airplane's flight --

I went out of the airplane... now i have to remember my activitie list...

Step 1: arrive to Springfield (done)
Step 2: Aply your civilian life
Step 3: find all information about enemy's movements
Step 4: when mission is complete... return to HQ

with 4 steps.. it would be soo easy...

but of course... the infiltration would take months.. so i have to purchase some food and stuff i'll need it...

but unfortunatelly while i was purchasing some apples...

All: OMG!!! (with apocalypsis face)
Girl: *whispering* take another one
Mary: (i take another apple, two in total)
Moe: you missed!!!
All: *continue purchasing stuff*
Mel: oh god i have already failed.. i beg you pardon , miss (he walks away with his stuff)
Mar: oh.. *fiu... you saved me this time..
Girl: hmm..  excuse me... can you tell me what time is it?
Mary: (watching my clock) hmm... its 10:23 am
Girl: (she watchs me carefully)
Mary: what happend? is something wrong?
girl: no, the only thing is that i never seen a female soldier
MAry: what? no.. you're wrong.. im civilian...
Girl: GOTCHA! (she detected my militar speak's form) wow... a female soldier.. i knew it...
Mary: shhh!!!... im on a mision, so please make silence
Girl: im lisa simpson .. what's your name?
Mary: *sighs* mary... nice to meet you... now i must leave...
Lisa: but tell me everythin about you please
Mary: ok (moving the stuffs i purchased) well.. what do you want to know?...


Bart: *chuckles*
Milouse: ah.. bart.. i don't think this is a good idea
Bart: relax milouse.. the fun is just beginning... *he grabs his marbles bag* look and learn n_n
Lisa: wow indeed... i... i didn't know that
Mary: yes.. but.. now i have to move...
Lisa: *sad* yes.. i understand
Mary: but don't worry... we can talk in another day.. don't you?
Lisa: really? thanks you!!! (she see his broter and milhouse)
Mary: here.. (i give my cellphone number)now we must o...
Lisa: look out! there are marbles on the floor
Mary: *slipp* and now do you tell me? (in my mind: it's like those war times... )

Well.. i grabbed of a bannister and pulled to boost myself out of that trap... fortunatelly i hold lisa on that boost but i stumble somebody... again? DX

Mary: oh my head...
Both childs: (laughin a lot)
Lisa: ahh mary , are you all riht?
Mary: i can swear i hit somebody on that operation...
Voice: (a man's voice) you're right...
Mary: oh god.. im so sorry.. someone drop some marbles on the floor and...
Man: don't worry.-. i can see them from here.. but at the next time , please pay attention ok?
Mary: (i didn't ear him... i was all confused watching tat man... completelly beauti...)
Man: so... .. hello??? lisa... is she ok?
Lisa: (she stomps my feet)
Mary: ahh what?
Lisa: i'll introduce you... am.. Mary.. he is Mr.smithers...
Smithers: nice to meet you
Mary: (trying to get foccus on that conversation) ah.. nice to meet you too, my name is mary rose n_n
Smithers: i see n_n well ladies.. i must go.. goodbye (he leave)
Lisa: are you ok? i didn't want to...
Mary: i can stand the pain n_n let's go home (we call for a taxi who drived us to our respectives homes)

--- after those first days...----

Mary: well ... lets see... (ubication: Apartament, located in somewhere of springfield) Hiya general....
general: hhi.. what's up? did you find any information?
mary: not much.. ere i send you (i send the data)
GGeneral: ok... continue sending all information you receive ok? out! (he cut thhe transmission)
Mary: let's start again ( i took my stuff and leave)


I was walking on springfield's park but i see someting suspictious.. so i decided to go and find out...

but unfortunatelly that suspictious guy was another civilian

Civilian: huh? who's there?
mary: *in silence*
Civilian: miss. why are you spying me???
Mary: i .. i wasn't doing that! that is for soldiers, not for females
Civilian: and why are you holding your gun?
Mary: where?! (watching carefully my belt)
Civilian: gotcha! you're a soldier...
Mary: shh!
Civilian: don't worry, i know how to keep a secret... let me introcude myself.. im ryan
Mary: my name is mary... (but someone arrives to Sprinfield park)
Smithers: ahh son.. finally i found you!! hurry lets go!
mary: what's going on?
Smithers: come with us.. i'll explaiin ok?

we go into te car and smithers stomps the acellerator

Ryan: you could told us first don't you?
Smithers: i don't think so... look (he give us a newspaper)
Newspaper: Tragedy on milwawkee... a family died by a murder.. the police confirms that this guy is hidden in sprinfield, his last track was on sprinfield's park...
Mary: what?! (i remembered that my friend Bj blazkowicz was on milwawkee with his family) oh no... .u_u
Ryan: (guessing that i had friends there) im so sorry about that...
Smithers: *sad* now you understand why?
Ryan: thanks you dad...
April: please.. can you stop yelling? we are tryin to sleep
Mary: im so sorry..
April: the girl of the flight!! hi!!!
Ryan. we'll introduce you after, april now we...
Mary: can you stop here? we arrived to my apartament...
Smithers: ok... (he stop the car)
MAry: thanks you
Smithers: wait.. take.. (he gives me is cellpone number) call me ok? we'll keep in contact
Ryan:see ya later mary!!
Mary: good bye ryan, april, Mr burns  and...
Smithers: waylon n_n
Mary: oh.. ok waylon.. good bye and thanks (they leave)

Sometinng is wrong...  must talk to the general ...

--- To be continue---
enjoy it
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